Top 10 Best Floor Jacks Lift Jack Buying Guide

Looking for a best floor jack 2021?

It’s a good decision but getting a top-selling floor jack at affordable price with a good set of features can be a challenging task as the market is already saturated with a number of brands offering great models. So it might be confusing for you to decide which is the best floor jack for your garage or vehicle needs.

We have crafted a list of top ten best floor jacks of 2021 by doing an intensive research on floor jacks on multiple platforms including forums and brands websites of floor jacks. Out list of great floor jacks includes budget floor jacks, low profile, high-lift, smaller, aluminum, heavy duty, 2-ton and 3-ton floor jacks.

Best Floor Jacks 2021

See this comparison chart of best selling passenger vehicles floor jacks to get more insights about each floor jack.


Floor Jacks Reviews 2021

You will see mechanical and hydraulic floor jacks designed for cars, trucks, and SUV’s. Capable to lift up the bigger trucks and cars, and easy to move around your garage, driveway or in the workshop.

Note that car lifting is a serious matter so don’t compromise on the quality overall the best quality floor jacks which are popular are manufactured in America. So prefer buying American made jacks as they perform three times than regular jacks and won’t get you high economically.

1) PowerBuilt 620422E Heavy Duty Floor Jack – Best For 2021

All the traditional floor jacks cannot be used for all tasks. That’s where you need multi-use floor jack which can lift cars, trucks as well as motorcycles.

The POWERBUILT 620422E heavy duty triple lift jack is best for these kinds of tasks. It’s large, the flat padded platform is the reason of its uniqueness which is affixed to the lifting arm. This platform makes for a functional lifting pad for transmissions, differentials, lawn tractors, motorcycles, ATV’s and many more. Simply lift out the pad and it’s ready to use.

It gives a 2-Ton lifting capacity, and contains a minimum lift pad of 6″ height with the saddle pad inside and saddle pad out with 5-1/2″. It goes 17-1/2″ max lift range with the saddle pad in and 17″ with it out.

The amazing feature it offers is it’s all steel design which delivers a safety lock-out pin which holds the jack in place and eliminates the need of using stands allowing you to use it without the stands. Similarly, it has built-in tie-down loops over the rear casters. Which allows you to use tie-downs while securing a transmission, motorcycle, deferential to the large lift pad.

This multi-use jack lacks low profile design which won’t allow let it fit into smaller vehicles and sports cars. Though the 17-1/2″ lifting height is not that high enough for SUV’s and tall trucks. The large lifting pad is fixed permanently to the lifting arm and jack width might prohibit while used with a saddle pad on some lifting points on the sides of the vehicle when accessing directly from in front or behind the vehicle.

Overall POWERBUILT 620422E with the quite amazing features with nice lift pad range, steel design, great lifting capacity, removable saddle pad, large paddle lift platform from 12″ to 9-3/8″ wide, built in tie-down hooks over read casters and the locking safety bar which avoids the jack stands usage makes it one of the best multi-floor jack of 2021.

  •  Versatility
  •  Extra Safety
  •  Durable
  •  Patented Design
  •  Maintenance and Upkeep
  •  Leakage
  •  No “Snapping” Sound

2) Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Garage Jack – Best Selling of 2020

The Powerzone 380044 is an all around floor jack which gives 3-Ton lift service and made of both steel and aluminum gives it an extra edge of flexibility. Lightweight aluminum forming the frame while the steel forming the lifting arm for strongest. This construction saves weight and gives a reliable lift arm.

It also features front and rear wheels which gives enough maneuverability around the stop or garage to make sure you can get the jack situated exactly where you wanted it to be.

Its saddle ensures the protection of the vehicle’s frame while you are lifting as it’s padded and gives an extra traction to keep from shifting during the lift. Another great bonus is the addition of safety valve which keeps this jack overloaded and might lead towards jack failure.

It gives an impressive lifting range from 4-inches on the lower end and 18-1/4 inches maximum extended. Two-piece handle allows you to use one piece while in a tight spot. Last but not least the Powerzone 380044 offers a 1-year warranty so you might not worry about your bucks spent.

Overall with great features being lightweight and flexible, this floor jack is perfect according to price and according to usage. You get a taste of both in one jack.
  •  Sturdily Built With Heavy Duty Steel Arm
  •  Rubber Padded Saddle
  •  Rear Wheels For Easy Positioning
  •  Fast Lifting Hydraulic System
  •  Cannot Handle Heavy Load

3) Pittsburgh Automotive Floor Jack – Best Rated Floor Jack


The PITTSBURGH Automotive heavy duty is a best value floor jack, top-rated and with impressive features its the best for the money.

This hydraulic floor jack is capable to do things which the bigger and expensive floor jacks do which are not much affordable. So you can say PITTSBURGH Automotive a bang for the buck.

It features a 3-Ton capacity which is enough to lift large trucks and the cars. With its low profile design and lifting saddle pad at only 2-7/8″ along with a maximum height of 19-3/4″ it is easy to move and store anywhere. In the market its known as a best low profile jacks which can easily fit under lowered track car. With its rapid pump dual piston design, it lifts the car quickly. Pittsburgh states 3-1/2 pumps, but we think 4 full pumps is more accurate.

PITTSBURGH offers extra-wide front steel wheels. This feature helps to keep the jack stable and divides the load better while working on a softer surface of asphalt or interlocking garage floor tiles. Built of all steel is a good sign of durability in this price range. It weighs about 70lbs which means it’s not lightweight, it’s right in the ballpark for a steel floor jack with such size.

Note that it has a lifting handle as a 2-piece design which has resulted to a benefit while we need to transport the jack in the car back or in the compartment storage of the car trailer. These two handle pieces are no longer compared to jack itself making it more convenient.

Overall PITTSBURGH Automotive floor jack offer handful of features like its greater lifting capacity, much lift pad height, steel construction with extra-wide front steel wheels, dual piston rapid pump design, meets the 2005 ANSI/ASME Pald Standards which makes it legit. Universal joint release mechanism which gives accurate control when lowering. Foam bumper pad to protect vehicles makes it an excellent floor jack for sports cars, lowered vehicles and for flat tires. With all these nice features it’ an available in an affordable price which makes it the best floor jack for the money.
  •  Better Lifting Height
  •  Very Controlled
  •  Carrying Handles On Both Sides
  •  Made In China
  •  Rubber Saddle Pad Easily Torn Up

4) Arcan ALJ3T Review – Top Rated


Regardless of your driving skills, you cannot ignore the fact that you can face any major or minor accident in your life. These accidents often happen because of the mistake

The Arcan ALJ3T is a best aluminum floor jacks with 3-Ton lifting capacity totally made of aluminum which makes it lightweight and gives easy movement all that in a pretty decent price tag which is not that expensive and not that cheap just a mid-range.

It weighs about 56 pounds only, which is mostly from the reinforced lifting arm that adds strength and makes sure the entire chassis for this hydraulic floor jack has better torsion control.

Arcan ALJ3T also bypass and overload values built into the system. Which will ensure that you might not raise the arm higher than the designed limit or attempt to lift a load which exceeds the mentioned weight limit?

The best thing about these features is that if things get serious you might not end up with a destroyed jack, wounded yourself or vehicle that quickly descends while you are not really expecting it to.

Similarly, it gives the lifting range from 3.6 inches starting and can take the car up all the way to 19.4 inches maximum. That’s being done with a dual pump piston which provides enough lifting power on both strokes with its handle. Now you can get the car up and ready to work safely and quicker compared with many other options.
  •  Fast Rising Action
  •  Higher Heights and Capacity
  •  Strong and Portable
  •  Enhanced Safety
  •  Not So far

5) Arcan Xl2t 2-Ton Low Profile Floor Jack – Top Selling


The ARCAN XL2T 2-TON LOW PROFILE HIGH LIFT FLOOR JACK is lower enough to go under any car to lift at a particular cross fame member as well as high enough while placed on jack stands.

It’s unique due to it’s 32″ reach which far exceeds than most low profile floor jacks. Its one of the best high lift floor jacks service makes it the best jack of 2021.

Don’t get fooled by only the long reach of this floor jack. Arcan attains this reach with a low profile trolley frame which allows the jack to roll far enough under any car. This is not achieved by many low profile jacks because the frame of the jack gets much taller a few inches or so past the saddle pad.

With this design, you get 2-3/4″ lifting pad height which allows high as 24″. This long reach makes it an excellent jack for sports cars and lowered vehicles which require enough access to lifting points far under the car. It’s good enough for trucks and SUV’s where the jack needs to go far under the vehicle for reaching the lifting points which require higher lift height for convenient lifting

Don’t get mixed by XL2T and Arcan XL20.Both have huge differences like XL20 is a standard sized floor jack which doesn’t have a long reach and high lift. It also features a taller lift pad height of 3-1/2″.

Overall the Arcan XL2T offers plenty of features including extra-wide front steel wheels, steel construction, 32″ long reach, lift pad height of 2-3/4″ – 24″ and meets ASME Pald 2009 standards makes it great value for a best low profile jack and a best affordable floor jack.
  •  High Lifting Range
  •  Works for Low Profile Vehicles
  •  Strong Steel Construction
  •  Dual Pump For Rapid Lifting
  •  Start To Squeak After Few Uses

6) PRO-LIFT F-767 – Best Affordable (Cheap) Floor Jack


For small vehicle users, a full-size floor jack is not the recommended option smaller floor jack would easily fit in the back side of car and that’s what PRO-LIFT F-767 is designed keeping in mind the low profile. This smaller, budget car jack offers a 2 Ton lifting capacity and all steel construction.

It’s intentionally designed for small to medium-sized cars and trucks, but you can use it for larger vehicles making sure it’s maximum capacity is greater or equal to the vehicle being lifted. If you only want to get the jack for oil change, changing out for winter snow tires or tire rotations, then PRO-LIFT F-767 is a great choice being an inexpensive jack.

The smaller size of this floor jack makes for easier storage, it features a convenient lifting handle which helps you pick it up. It weighs about 30lbs, and easy to store away or roll around your garage floor. Those who live in an apartment or condominium need to get this ideal car jack for their small amount of space to keep a jack.

You need to notice that it’s smaller size reduces the lifting height to 14″. Most of the time this is the perfect height for most applications, for some, it might be limiting like with larger trucks and SUV’s.

The most desperate question you need of an answer is that how much effort does this floor jack requires lifting a car, as the jack is smaller and has a shorter pump handle. You might get happy to know that pumping under load does not create any extra effort for you. There are just a few more pumps are required to lift your vehicle up compared with the larger models.

Overall this smaller floor jack with its durable steel construction, great low profile design and a lift pad height of 3-1/2″ to 14″ is pretty good. Its portable, easy to move with it’s handle of transporting and bypass valve protects from over pumping. With that said, perfect choice for condo, apartments or garages available in low price tag makes it a best budget floor jack to buy in 2021.
  •  Can Be Use For Low Clearance Vehicles
  •  Overextending Of Arm
  •  Sturdy Construction
  •  Not For High Clearance Vehicles
  •  Rare Leakage Chances

7) NOS NSJ0201 2-Ton Service Jack – Best Value


Right now in the market aluminum floor jacks are gaining popularity they do contains expensive price tag but they give the amazing performance for the cars who frequently participate in autocross, drag racing and other high-performance events of driving.

Following this, we have NOS NSJ0201 2-TON ALUMINUM SERVICE JACK which is similarly the most popular aluminum floor jack. It offers 2-Ton lift service making easier transport. It’s the lightest floor jack of its kind and comes with convenient side handles which provides easy lifting when transporting and a two-piece pump handle makes its storage easy in the car back or any storage compartment.

It’s dual piston rapid pump design allows for quick lifting with a rubber protected saddle pad which provides safety to the car and protects from scratches from the contact point. Built of thick aluminum makes it durable and does give stability and strength, including all the steel front wheels of this jack and rear casters.

Its weight saving advantage for garage use won’t surprise you, it’s convenient for other places other than the garage floor.

Giving the easy transportation this NOS line of the aluminium jack is quite impressive in this price range. It weighs about 35lbs which is lightweight enough compared with 3-Ton Pittsburgh Automotive floor jack.

Overall, with handful of features which includes 2-Ton lifting capacity, lower profile design with lifting pad height of 3-1/2″ to 19-1/2″, safety valve avoid overloading, dual piston rapid pump design, two-piece pump handle with foram bumper pad and Universal joint release mechanism makes it a nice aluminium floor jack to buy in 2021.
  •  Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  •  2 Piece Handle With Bumper Pad
  •  Safety Valve Prevents Overloading
  •  No Possible Cons

8) NOS NSJ0302 3-Ton – Best Multi-use Jack

The NOS NSJ0302 3-Ton is a heavy duty aluminum floor jack with 3-Ton lift service giving all the same features like the NSJ0301 2-Ton floor jack. But with this extra feature adds up the price as well increasing few dollars more you can purchase this professional version 3-Ton aluminum jack and get the set of extra features which are worthwhile for the amount spent.

The extra features it includes are black coated side plates, from wrapped side lifting handles which gives comfortable transportation, polished front trolley brace and the heavy-duty nylon front wheels and rear casters which gives the quite rolling.

It weighs about 58lbs which is not that heavier and not that lightweight. Due to its maximum lift capacity, it allows you to lift heavy vehicles and cars depending upon if their weight equals or lesser than it’s lift capacity.
  •  Fast Rising Action
  •  Strong and Portable
  •  Made In China

9) Torin T83006 SUV Service Jack – Best Under 100$


You can find quality jacks for your automotive maintenance while saving few bucks on floor jack selection. The Torin T83006 Big Red Steel SUV Service Jack is the best floor jack for the money.

It offers a 3-Ton lifting service that is standard for most cars. It has total steel construction which ensures no pieces bending or breaking, also makes it weighs about 45 pounds which is not lightweight.

It meets all ASME PALD standards so you might not need to worry about spending extra money on sub-par jack. One of its nice features is swiveled back wheels which allow the jack to adjust easily into place.

Torin T83006 start out from 5-7/8 and goes up at 20-7/8 inches lifting range. It contains a single piece handle and not that long too which might not create an issue in the tight spaces.

This quality at this stunning price is bang for the buck. Unlike the most expensive features, it’s not that shiny and fancy hydraulic jack but it gives enough features to accomplish everything that you need to get the job done.
  •  Rubberized Handle
  •  Lifting Capacity Of 3 Tons
  •  Extra Long Neck
  •  Easily Leakage Problem

10) OTC 1532 – Best Aluminium Racing Floor Jack


If you are involved in racing you might have particular needs which might not come up for many people, one of them includes a sturdy floor jack which you can easily take to track along with you.

The OTC 1532 is a best racing floor jack with an added 2-Ton capacity of lifting which is powerful enough to lift your racing car up with nice features it comes with.

The very first thing is its design which is totally different than many other floor jacks. Rather than a standard chassis and mounted wheel at the front, OTC 1532 features a roller to serve both purposes as the front of chassis and the wheels.

These features lead towards saving weight, due to the aircraft grade aluminum construction the weight has been decreased to mere 43 pounds which makes it easy to carry and move around.

With the lift range, it starts as low as 3-1/2 inches and goes all the way up to 18-inches maximum height. Compared with other jacks it takes the car up fast and takes about 5 pumps on the handle to take it to the full height. That’s due to the fact that handle is full 45-inches long. So, It is worth buying.
  •  Removable Rubber Saddle Pad
  •  Five Pumps
  •  Perfect For Ground Hugging
  •  No Problems

Floor Jack Buying Guide

You might have gone through the floor jack reviews in case you are still unable to pick your best floor jack being a beginner you need to read the buying guide of floor jack which will surely help you make the right decisions about the right floor jack you can choose.

Look through all the different brands offering floor jacks, types of floor jacks and how to use the floor jack in this buying guide and then you might be able to pick the floor jack for your garage.

Trolley jack or floor jack is always the best helpers when you wanted to do difficult tasks of lifting in your home or garage. Choosing the best floor jack is a challenging task as there are number different types of floor jack brands in the market offering great floor jack models each with a number of features and characteristics and differences.

The selection of floor jack totally depends on your requirements like you need a light and portable floor jack or a heavy duty floor jack which is capable of high lifting capacity. Either you need a low profile trolley jack? or a high lifting height jack? Should it be made of steel or aluminum?

So before buying floor jack, you need to answer these question to yourself and then look forward to buying the best floor jack for your particular needs. All the floor jack reviews given above will answer your questions and makes this valuable resource worth to help you make an informed decision which model to purchase.

how to safely use a floor jack, don’t use floor jack without jack stands it might get you in trouble, hurt you or might kill you in rare scenarios.

Types of floor jack

The two basic categories of floor jacks are hydraulic jacks and mechanical jacks. Both of these types floor jacks are designed to allow the input force of turning a screw or moving a handle up and down can be increased and magnified multiple times into a much stronger lifting force.

To achieve this mechanical jacks use a simple system of machines and hydraulic jacks are equipped with hydraulic fluid, pressure chambers, and pistons. Both types of jacks have their own different advantages and disadvantages. Those who already use floor jack know how a floor jack magnifies input force, beginners can easily go with by using the manual attached.

Mechanical Jacks

Mechanical jacks are mostly seen in passenger vehicles’ emergency roadside assistance kit. These floor jacks are relatively compact and light in weight compared with hydraulic jacks and doesn’t require much maintenance. The most common type of mechanical floor jack is none other than the scissor jack which uses a central screw mechanism which converts the rotational input force into linear lifting force.

The primary drawback or disadvantage of mechanical jacks is an amount of input force and motion necessary to raise the jack. In our case, the scissor jack typically requires the screw to be turned around 20-30 times before the jack is capable to lift the vehicle. So this process requires a great time and effort. Another downside of the mechanical jacks is that they have a small base area which can cause them to be less stable when the vehicle lifted compared with the trolley-style floor jacks.

Hydraulic Jacks

Hydraulic jacks come in two different styles trolley jacks and piston jack(bottle jack).  Trolley jacks are equipped with four wheels(casters) which allows them to be easily maneuvered anywhere into place.  Bottle jacks are round in shape and contain no wheels which typically makes them a bottle. So generally the hydraulic jacks are more efficient at transferring input motion into the lifting force and motion. You can easily move many multi-piston hydraulic floor jacks into the fully raised position with just 3-4 strokes of the input handle given, which is almost nothing compared with a mechanical floor jack.

Hydraulic jacks don’t require much input force while compared with other types of floor jacks. The only drawback of the trolley-style hydraulic jack is their size and weight because they feature a lever that is used to amplify the lifting range so they are not lightweight. Bottle-style hydraulic jacks are pretty small and weightless, but on the other hand, they sacrifice stability and lifting range.

Floor Jack Factors

Lifting Capacity

Significantly, the most important feature of any floor jack is it’s lifting capacity that how much weight the floor jack can lift easily. Hand operated hydraulic floor jacks comes with 1-1/2 tons of weight up to 20 tons. It’s critical to say that the floor jack you picked can handle the lifting requirements of your work.

For lifting vehicles, the floor jack should have a maximum lifting capacity greater than or equal with the weight of the vehicle to be lifted.  Though you can never lift the entire car with the jack, but choosing a floor jack with a max capacity which is similar to the vehicle’s weight can give you an adequate safety margin.

Don’t mix the Functional capacity with a maximum rated capacity of the floor jack both are different.

Construction Material

Floor jacks are manufactured either with steel or aluminum. If you want to use it for garage only then recommended is to use a steel jack. If you want to take the floor jack from place to place then go with a lighter aluminum one.

Design Profile

Floor jacks of all types are designed with a standard profile or a low profile. For the sports car, you need a low profile design floor jack which can easily go under the vehicle.

Lifting Range

Every floor jack features a minimum height and lifting range. It depends on your requirement if you wanted to lift a vehicle at a considerably good distance from the ground, or the lighting points of the vehicle are higher due to its large tires then you might consider buying the floor jack which offers a high lifting range.

You need to remember that total weight of the car is not being lifted by the jack because single jack might not get all the tiles of call off the ground. If you have inserted the jack on the far end along with the engine you are not doing good, but it will be about the 60% weight of the vehicle.

The unit used for the jack is tons, normally the minimum capacity of a jack can be 2-Ton which is almost 2,000 pounds weight and they move up from this range all the way to 3-Ton and so on increasing the overall weight of the floor jack also. The 3-Ton models are strong and capable enough to lift trucks and tractors. So with increased lift capacity, you get more options to lift up.

Lifting Speed

Depending upon the types of floor jack every jack differs in the time takes to lift the most common or average is 8 to 10 strokes of the lifting bar. If you want to lift the car with a jack that only takes 3-6 strokes you might need to get the dual lifting pistons jack or a quick lift system.

How to Use Floor Jack

For the inexperienced vehicle owners lifting a vehicle with a floor, the jack can be a challenging task. Sometimes lifting these vehicles can cause a serious injury or even death due to the higher weight of vehicles and if proper lifting techniques are not used. So follow the steps given below to safely lift your vehicle without any hurdle every time. Every floor jack does provide a manual which is recommended to read before attempting any service. These guidelines are followed by the guidelines of best floor jacks so you are responsible for your actions.

Step 1 : Get the better equipment

Follow these footsteps in order to lift your vehicle.

  • Eye protection
  • Gloves
  • Jack stands
  • Tire Chocks pair
  • plywood

Step 2: Determine the lifting surface

When you have lifted the vehicle with the floor jack, the weight is normally spread out among the tire’s contact patch is concentrated into the wheel’s smaller contact path and casters of the floor jack. Similarly it’s the same process with jack stands. Make sure about the hardness of the surface on which you are going to place the jack stand which can bear he concentrated weight of a car on one spot.

You might find the concrete surfaces capable to bear the concentrated weight but the grass, clay, dirt or asphalt surface won’t. The recommended way its to move the vehicle to a proper lifting surface. If you are not able to get this surface you need to play plywood under your floor jack and jack stands to distribute the whole weight into different locations on the surface.

Step 3: Identify the lifting points of vehicle

This might be the tricky part for you, getting this step wrong can be dangerous and can lead to damaging your vehicle. The recommended way is to find the best place on the vehicle with proper lifting points referenced in the manual of your vehicle. Mostly this kind of thing is mention in the emergency section of manual. But in case you couldn’t locate the manual of the vehicle and wanted to know the exact lifting points then you have the option to order the automotive lifting institute guide. The alternative is to browse on the internet for this thing related to your vehicle section and get the correct answer from there.

Step 4: Immobilize your vehicle

Now the most important step to avoid any mishap is that make sure your vehicle stays in place while you lift it. If during the lifting process the vehicle moves from it’s place it will slip off the floor jack due to unbalanced weight which might lead to a serious injury. The authentic way for immobilizing the vehicle before the lifting process is to get a tire chock on both sides of tires same on the other side and axle of the vehicle. Let’s say you have identified the lifting points closest the driver’s front tire then you should place the tire chocks on the passenger rear tire’s both sides.

Step 5: Set the floor jack position and lift vehicle

When you are done with the properly immobilized vehicle and have figured out the right lifting points then you should move your floor jack so that the saddle is exactly below the lifting point. Put the hydraulic valves in the closed position before the jack hold pressure and lift the saddle upon pumping. Simply it requires turning/twisted of the handle clockwise until it stops. Once the handle no longer turns you can easily start to move the handle both up and down the saddle until it’s 1″ away from the proper lifting point.

Make sure again that the saddle is going to come in contact at the exact point which you identified and not damage any other part of the vehicle. After the verification of the correct position of the saddle now slowly continue to move the floor jack handle to raise the vehicle at a certain distance you want. Don’t get worried when floor jacks move slowly while lifting because it happens when the floor jack level system operates.

Step 6: Support the Vehicle with Jack Stands

Don’t totally rely on the floor jacks they can also fail to support the vehicle while you work on it, it’s like risking your life is totally dependent of the floor jacks. So in this step, you will see the most important thing to ensure your safety and of your car too. Once the vehicle is raised to a maximum height, get the jack stands placed with sufficient weight capacity under the vehicle axle near the tire/wheel or under the lower control arm of the vehicle.

Now twist the floor jack handle slowly counter-clockwise until the floor jack begins to lower the vehicle slowly onto the jack stands. To make sure the vehicle is resting on the jack stand shake once or twice the vehicle.

Now after following all these steps, you can say that your vehicle is lifted properly, secured and stabilized. Now you can work safely under the vehicle if you want.

Floor Jack Maintenance Tips

When the floor jack arrives at your doorstep you need to purge the system of air. Air can be introduced sometimes during the assembly; shipping and transportation of hydraulic floor jack into the system and could potentially failed under the load.

This is quite simple process just follows the instruction manual and follows all steps. You only need to open the release valve by turning your jack handle counterclockwise, after that remove the oil fill plug with a screwdriver, after that pump the handle up and down almost 10 times. Then reinstall the fill plug are you are good to go.

Keep checking the floor jack often, including io level. You can purchase jack fluid from the local auto parts store, or from home improvement center. Keep the wheels and hinge points of your jack well lubricated and then check for loose nuts and bolts. Many jacks contain zerk fittings for this so recommended way is to use heavy grease and not the oil.

Don’t use jack as a jack stand. There are a lot of cases of people hurt without the use of supporting stand. So also get the best jack stand along with the jack floor.

During the transportation of jack, don’t forget to open the release valve. Never transport the jack on it’s side or upside down. Doing this might cause air to enter into the closed system which can lead to jack failure while lifting. Last but not least keep the jack clean and store in a dry environment to it’s long life and for easier inspection.

What is a Floor Jack Used For?

A floor jack is a great tool which allows you to lift the car or any vehicle depending upon the weight of the vehicle and maximum lift capacity of a floor jack to work under the car for oil change, tire changing or any other task depending upon your requirements. Jacks required a pair of stands which distributes the concentrated weight of vehicle around multiple spots on the floor which makes it more stable. Also, floor jack allows easy access on the hard the reach areas. So use the floor jack to lift your car, vehicle, truck, trailer, lawn tractor or any machine which is not easy to lift.

Who Makes a Good Floor Jack?

All the automotive companies are not making the floor jacks, but few companies do make the whole line of products including stands, jacks, lifts, and accessories required for these tools.

As far as the floor jacks brands are concerned the most popular brands which make quality floor jack models which you can trust for their consistency and quality of products includes Torin, PowerZone, OTC, and Arcan. These companies do a trade of floor jacks few are USA based and others are foreign, it’s recommended to go with the USA manufactured jack but depending upon your requirements you can decide by yourself what you need.


The conclusion to this buyer guide of best floor jacks is that every point is highlighted in front of you either it’s floor types, floor brands or a specific model. You can now pick the best floor jack depending upon your needs and budget. The most recommended floor jack from our editors is Powerbuilt 620422E but again you need to identify your need and then look for the perfect piece. We have clearly stated in our reviews that which floor jack is good for which scenario and every unit has been reviewed with its advantages and disadvantages so you are clear to make the decision for the best floor jack. Buyer guide answers your most desperate questions and the floor jack reviews answer about the perfect model in the market and the perfect one for your requirements. So make the decision and get your best floor jack 2021.